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About Us

 Wild Goose Enterprises, Inc. is a privately held company, based out of Dayton, Ohio with ten years of experience in federal and state contracting services. Wild Goose Enterprises (WGE) has evolved from assisting defense contractors with their proposal needs and requirements to providing a full life cycle IT project management and requirements and data warehousing solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies.  WGE has been driving customer mission success since 2007, using a holistic approach based upon our leaders, our values and our proven methodologies. 

Wild Goose Enterprises, Inc. has a thirteen year track record of providing IT solutions that drive mission and business success for our clients.  Our expert personnel are adept in both the hard and soft skills required for successful client solutions. We are true believers in our client's mission and goals and work proactively and collaboratively with our clients to meet those goals.

With the experience of a large firm coupled with the nimbleness of a small firm, our experience in data warehousing, data quality, and proposal management are unsurpassed.

Why the Wild Goose?

The Irish Celtic Saints referred to the pursuit of the Holy Spirit as "chasing the Wild Goose." Like these Saints, we pursue the ultimate in performance while maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

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